What an awesome place to live!!

- Dale Carman
Looking for a new apartment can always be a drag, scheduling appointments, walk-thrus, and all of the questions. But not this staff!! They made all that a breeze. They were flexible, and caring of traffic schedules they scheduled everything around me. I knew right away this was the place I wanted to live.

I have been living here for 6 months now and i must say it is the best place I have ever lived here in Atlanta. The location is perfect for everything shopping, groceries, restaurants and you name it. These are all important to have a great place to live. But if you are like me you want to know how are the grounds, and groundskeeping staff. What are they like? Well let me tell you, they are always prompt and to set up a repair ticket has never been easier. They sometimes arrive on the same day to fix whatever it is that is malfunctioning. A leaky faucet, a closet door, or just questions about something mechanical.. they are right there, just to help you!

With the new remodel of the grounds and all of the great additions coming now is your chance to get in to an awesome place to live!!

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose, and only the best place to gain!